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  • March 2012

    Otago Healthcare signs MOU with Azanta A/S to work on the commercial launch of their Orphan within Europe. “Europe is a strategic focus for Azanta A/S as we initiate key clinical programmes to support our marketing authrorisation submission for our lead product. Otago Healthcare have significant experience and expertise of working with Orphan products and our existing partnership was a key to us continuing to adopt the Otago model with our lead product within Europe “commented Claus Moller (CEO of Azanta A/S).
  • June 2012

    Otago Healthcare enters into discussion with Azanta A/S to commercialise their Orphan Drug used across Middle East. “We have a great deal of experience and expertise in the team which we believe will be invaluable in driving adoption for this innovative Orphan Drug across key Oncology centres in the Middle East. Our existing relationships with specialist distributors in the MENA region will be crucial to us working with target companies looking to enter these strategic region” …. commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director)
  • October 2012

    Otago Healthcare finalises international partnering agreement with Azanta A/S for launch of their Orphan Drug in Middle East. This is a very exciting opportunity for Otago Healthcare stated Sanjeev Pooni, Managing Director as this demonstrates the confidence the management team at Azanta A/S has with our model for market entry and launch of their Orphan Drug in the region.
  • February 2013

    Otago Healthcare agrees key partnership with specialist pharmaceutical distributor for introducing key Orphan Drug in Middle East. “This partnership with Amount is a real milestone for our organization and importantly strengthens the Otago model of market entry and commercialising Orphan drugs in Europe and Middle East” …commented Meeri Gill (Director of Business Development)
  • June 2013

    Otago management in India meet with Specialist Biopharmaceutical companies looking to enter the European market with their Orphan Drugs in the Autoimmune and Oncology sector. “Our initial meetings with target companies working in the Orphan Drug arena has been very positive. We believe the Otago model is a very unique commercial partnership which will allow companies to enter the European market in a very cost-effective manner but ensure faster adoption and commercialization of target products. We have proven success in the Orphan Drug arena and this has been central to our meetings with key companies based in India looking for growth into international markets.” …stated Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director)
  • December 2013

    Otago Healthcare meet with The Oganisation for Rare Diseases (ORD) in India to share key experiences of the European rare diseases sector. “India has a very strong base of Specialist Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies looking to enter key strategic European markets. Otago are experts in commercialising Orphan Drugs and this opens up some very exciting opportunities to build commercial partnerships with these companies. Our model for market entry is unique, proven and successful”. commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director)
  • January 2014

    Otago establishes offices in the United Arab Emirates. “Our commercial presence in the MENA region will allows us to work closer with our existing partners in the distribution and market entry activities in the rare disease market across the region and allow us access to local experts with real knowledge of the Orphan Drug market” …. stated Meeri Gill (Director of Business Development).
  • March 2014

    Otago Healthcare finalises agreement with Specialist Biopharma company in India to commence market entry for the European territories of United Kingdom and France for their recombinant DNA monoclonal antibody (Mabs). “This agreement concluded several months of negotiations between our organizations to develop a commercial t partnership which will support the market entry of this innovative Orphan Drug. The Otago model has seen global endorsement and we look forward to commencing operations in early 2015” …. commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director)
  • October 2014

    Otago welcome Richard Davey to the team. Richard Davey will be responsible for all aspects of the supply chain management when handling Orphan drug distribution within the United Kingdom and Europe. “We are delighted that Richard has joined the team as we develop new commercial partnerships with Specialist Biopharmaceutical companies from the United States and Asia.” stated Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director)
  • January 2015

    Otago Healthcare have started discussions to participate in the Orphan Drugs & Rare Diseases Global Congress 2016 to be held in London. “This congress is an excellent forum for us to discuss how companies can commercialise their Orphan medicines in Europe and Middle East by adopting our model of market entry. We will utilise this platform to share our key learnings with companies looking at market entry into Europe” commented Meeri Gill (VP, Business Development).
  • June 2015

    Otago Healthcare look to participate in the 3rd Annual Congress on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs in San Antonio
  • December 2015

    Otago holds strategic meetings with specialist distributor of Orphan drugs for the Middle East. “Our discussions with our new partner for the Middle East have been very positive and we believe will expand the Otago model in this very important strategic region” …. commented Meeri Gill (Director of Business Development).
  • February 2016

    Otago Healthcare will attend the 9th Biopharma Asia Convention in Singapore. “ This is a new opportunity for us to share the Otago model for market entry with potential partners looking to enter Europe and Middle East with their Orphan drug products but importantly share our commercial model for launching specialist medicines and Orphan Drugs in very cost sensitive, evidence based countries like the United Kingdom and Eire ”..commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director).
  • May 2016

    Otago appoint Andrew Hasker as Finance Director. “Andrew is a very experienced FD who has extensive global experience having worked with major US based companies with commercial operations in Europe” …commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director).
  • December 2016

    Otago to attend the 4th International Conference on Drug Discovery in India as their will be key stakeholders and specialist pharma attending from key strategic markets where Otago will develop commercial partnerships for companies looking to enter the European and Middle Eastern markets.
  • February 2017

    Otago to attend the 8th Annual World Orphan Drug Congress European in Barcelona.” This congress is of vital importance for showcasing our unique commercial model for market entry and commercialising Orphan products with key Specialist Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies as well as having key meetings with payers, stakeholders and patient advocacy groups” …commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director).
  • August 2017

    Otago welcomes Kay Drake to the Otago management team. Kay will be responsible for sales and marketing with key Orphan Drugs we will be commercialising in the United Kingdom and Eire. “Kay is a very experienced professional who has been working in global strategic teams on Orphan Drugs across Europe.” …. commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director)
  • December 2017

    Otago Healthcare launches new website with strategic focus on working with Specialist Biopharmaceutical companies looking to commercialise their Orphan Drugs across Europe and the Middle East. “We want our partners to get a real insight into how the Otago model works with companies looking to enter Europe and Middle East. Our model is unique and offers companies a real alternative to traditional method of launching products in key strategic market” commented Kay Spiller (Sales & Marketing Director)
  • January 2018

    Otago Healthcare plans participation in the 8th Global Orphan Drug Congress in Maryland between April 24th-28th. “We believe this forum will be an excellent platform for us to share the Otago model for commercialization with key industry leaders, stakeholders and senior executives from Specialist Biopharmaceutical companies based in the United States. “commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director).
  • February 2018

    Otago welcomes Simon Gwynn to the expanding Otago team. “Simon has significant experience in working with Specialist Biopharmaceutical companies across Europe on market access and development of integrated care pathways. We are delighted to have Simon’s expertise within the team which will be pivotal to our model of working with specialist companies from the United States and Asia looking to enter Europe and Middle East. We very much see Simon engaging with companies as early as Phase II/III of clinical development programmes with a view to market commercialization to ensure successful market access with lead products” …commented Sanjeev Pooni (Managing Director).